The INSIDER daily digest -- Dec. 5, 2023

By John Liang / December 5, 2023 at 1:24 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has a deep dive into the Pentagon's Microelectronics Commons program's regional innovation "hubs," plus the congressional response to the Defense Department's 2023 omnibus reprogramming request and more.

We start off with a deep dive into the Microelectronics Commons program's regional innovation "hubs":

Microelectronics Commons 'hubs' take shape as leaders discuss future plans

Amid newly announced timelines for upcoming Microelectronics Commons project proposals, the program's regional innovation "hubs," which act as connection points for government and the commercial sector, are working to get their programs up and running.

Lawmakers on the House and Senate defense committees have responded to DOD's 2023 omnibus reprogramming request:

Minor budget relief as Congress OKs $3.5B shift of DOD funds to higher priorities

Congress has granted most of the Pentagon's annual request to shift billions of dollars between budget accounts, approving more than $3 billion in transfers for a wide array of priority weapon systems, including money for engineering work for the MQ-25 unmanned air system and several new-start projects.

Document: Congressionally updated DOD omnibus 2023 reprogramming request

More coverage from this past weekend's Reagan National Defense Forum in California:

DOD planning 2024 advanced tech experiment Down Under with Aussies

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- The Defense Department is readying plans to integrate a 2024 advanced technology experimentation exercise with similar Australian efforts down under after both nations this fall exchanged observers at key events, according to the Pentagon's top technology development official.

U.S. military braces for two-year flight test gap in rush to field long-range hypersonic weapon

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- The Defense Department -- after 18 months of problems with both the two-stage missile and the ground launcher for the U.S. military's premier long-range hypersonic strike weapon -- has determined the original development path is no longer viable and remedial work on both elements of the Army's Dark Eagle program is now necessary.

In a request for information issued last week, the Marine Corps "seeks industry input to identify potential sources for an unmanned surface vessel, and mission enabling systems, initially focused on an integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capability":

Marine Corps requests information on USVs

Marine Corps Systems Command is seeking industry input regarding unmanned surface vessel and integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, according to a request for information posted last week.