The INSIDER daily digest -- Feb. 21, 2020

By John Liang  
February 21, 2020 at 2:10 PM

Our coverage of the unfunded priorities lists from the services, Missile Defense Agency and combatant commands leads off this Friday INSIDER Daily Digest.

We start off with the Pentagon's various fiscal year 2021 unfunded priorities lists:

Army unfunded priorities list tops $7 billion

The Army is asking Congress for $7 billion in its fiscal year 2021 unfunded priorities list, including $985.4 million for the service’s modernization priorities.

Navy FY-21 unfunded priorities list totals $5.4 billion, includes Virginia-class sub

The Navy's annual wish list for fiscal year 2021 is $5.4 billion and features one Virginia-class submarine.

Marine Corps FY-21 unfunded priorities total $769.8 million

The Marine Corps' wish list for fiscal year 2021 comes to $769.8 million, which includes a ground-based anti-ship missile the service hopes to purchase.

Air Force, Space Force unfunded priorities total $4.2B

The Air Force this week sent Congress a $4.2 billion fiscal year 2021 unfunded priorities list, which includes $1 billion for the Space Force, $1.1 billion to buy 12 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and about $736 million for facility sustainment efforts.

MDA would use additional $1.1B for more SM-3 Block IIAs, THAAD, hypersonic defense

The Missile Defense Agency has provided Congress a $1.1 billion wish list to finance nine projects above and beyond the agency's $9.2 billion fiscal year 2021 budget request, additional undertakings that -- if funded -- would increase Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptor procurement, hypersonic defense funding and buy an additional Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery.

NORTHCOM lists unfunded needs for Arctic communications, counter-drone

The chief of U.S. Northern Command has submitted a list of unfunded priorities to Congress seeking additional funds for Arctic communications and radar to counter cruise missiles and drones, according to documents obtained by Inside Defense.

CENTCOM says it could use MQ-9 drones that were cut for Trump's wall

U.S. Central Command is asking Congress for $371 million for "unfunded priorities," most of which would go to purchase MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicles, which were recently cut to pay for President Trump's wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents obtained by Inside Defense.

Cyber Command seeks additional $106M for three unfunded priorities

U.S. Cyber Command is requesting an extra $106 million in fiscal year 2021 for three programs: "hunt forward" capabilities, access operations and Defense Department information network security.

TRANSCOM sees unfunded gaps in aerial refueling, military sealift

U.S. Transportation Command says its top unfunded priority is aerial refueling and recommends Congress provide additional funds beyond its regular budget request for the KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft, according to documents obtained by Inside Defense.

Some cyber defense news:

DOD looks to 'zero trust' as cloud security concerns persist

The Defense Department's cloud computing applications face approximately 10,000 "serious cyberattacks" on a weekly basis, according to a DOD official, who said the department needs the commercial sector's help in shifting to a better cloud security model.

Pentagon budget includes industry-based 'pathfinders' to guide cyber certification program

The Defense Department's fiscal year 2021 budget request includes nearly $13 million for developing its landmark cybersecurity certification program, with an emphasis on "pathfinders" selected from the defense industrial base to guide requirements and services for countering cyber threats.

One of the proposed aircraft in the running to become the Army's next-generation helicopter was flown publicly for the first time this week:

Sikorsky, Boeing fly SB-1 Defiant in first public demo

West Palm Beach, FL -- Boeing and Sikorsky today flew their proposal for the Army's Future Long Range Assault Aircraft program, the SB-1 Defiant, for the first time publicly.

The Maritime Administration will be publishing a new strategy soon:

Buzby: National maritime strategy to be published soon

Mark Buzby, the Maritime Administration chief, said today his agency would soon publish a national maritime strategy.