The INSIDER daily digest -- Jan. 18, 2023

By Thomas Duffy / January 18, 2023 at 2:25 PM

This midweek INSIDER Daily Digest starts off with the Army chief of staff commenting on replacing equipment sent to Ukraine, a new missile defense laser study, Joint Strike Fighter news, and news from the cyber world.

The Army chief of staff sees opportunity in replacing equipment sent to Ukraine:

McConville: Army should avoid buying ‘new, old stuff’ when replacing equipment sent to Ukraine

Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville said Wednesday that the service should resist purchasing “new, old stuff” when replenishing supplies and weapons that have been sent to Ukraine.

The Missile Defense Agency is launching a new laser weapon study:

MDA taps General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems for new DPAL study project

The Missile Defense Agency has tapped General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems to study diode-pumped alkali laser (DPAL) technology -- including potential applications for shooting down long-range threats as part of the Missile Defense System.

The schedule for improving F-35 aircraft may get an adjustment:

Integration timeline in jeopardy after F-35 makes first flight with TR-3

The F-35 Joint Program Office plans to cut in Technology Refresh 3 hardware following the results of a developmental test campaign that a spokesman said will "continue through 2023," a timeline that jeopardizes the program's goal of integrating the hardware into production this summer.

Industry wants a single pathway for sharing incident reports:

Defense industry urges CISA to create single 'channel' for sharing incident reports under upcoming regime

Leaders from the defense industrial base are urging the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to consolidate how it will collect mandatory incident reports from the sector into a single "channel" where information is shared between the Defense Department and CISA.