The INSIDER daily digest -- March 11, 2024

By John Liang / March 11, 2024 at 3:36 PM

The bulk of this Monday INSIDER Daily Digest has coverage of the Pentagon's fiscal year 2025 budget request.

We start off with DOD's request for modernization as well as research and development funding:

DOD's modernization investments cut in FY-25 budget request

The Pentagon, which had to absorb a $10 billion cut to its previously projected topline thanks to a two-year congressional budget deal, is cutting its requested modernization investment for fiscal year 2025 -- which includes its procurement and research and development accounts -- by $4.3 billion below what it sought in FY-24.

Pentagon R&D budget cut by almost $2B

The Defense Department is seeking $2 billion less in its research and development account for fiscal year 2025 than what it sought for FY-24, according to a defense budget overview released today.

Document: DOD's FY-25 Budget Overview Book

Document: DOD's FY-25 program acquisition cost by weapon system budget book

. . . followed by the Navy:

Navy proposes modest budget request with limited procurement under FY-25 spending caps

The Navy is seeking $257.6 billion in fiscal year 2025 funding -- a modest 0.7% increase over the previous year's request -- in a budget that sees the service procuring fewer new ships and aircraft than expected and pushing the development of next-generation platforms further into the future in order to prioritize near-term readiness.

Document: Navy's FY-25 budget highlights book

. . . and the Army:

Army aircraft, missile procurement up in FY-25 request

Army aircraft and missile procurement both will see slight bumps in the service’s fiscal year 2025 budget request, unveiled Monday afternoon in Pentagon budget materials.

Document: Army's FY-25 budget overview

. . . as well as the Air and Space Force:

Air Force reveals 'constrained' but 'adequate' FY-25 budget, service leaders say

The Air Force is cutting total procurement of F-15EX Eagle II fighter jets by six, from 104 aircraft to 98, according to the service’s fiscal year 2025 proposed budget.

Space Force budget will shrink to meet congressional spending caps

The Space Force did not request an increase in funding for fiscal year 2025 and instead reduced its budget by 2%, even as Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said he thinks the service needs to move faster.

Document: Air Force's FY-25 budget overview

. . . plus the Missile Defense Agency:

MDA seeking $10.4 billion in FY-25; project that aims to counter North Korea clipped

The Missile Defense Agency is seeking $10.4 billion in fiscal year 2025, a nearly 8% reduction compared to the $11.3 billion the Biden administration planned before House GOP fiscal hawks last year demanded reduced federal spending, with the program to defend against North Korean nuclear missiles taking a $300 million cut.