The INSIDER daily digest -- March 20, 2024

By John Liang / March 20, 2024 at 1:29 PM

This Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Marine Corps' fiscal year 2025 unfunded priorities list, Navy shipbuilding plans, Army research and development spending and more.

We start off with the Marine Corps' FY-25 unfunded priorities list:

Marine Corps submits $2.4 billion unfunded priority list

The Marine Corps has sent Congress nearly $2.4 billion in "unfunded priorities" in a list topped by several quality-of-life investments that also includes over $1.2 billion for force design efforts and $492 million for military construction projects.

Document: Marine Corps' FY-25 unfunded priorities list

More Marine Corps news:

Third Marine Littoral Regiment to be stood up in Guam in 2025

A third Marine Littoral Regiment -- an important component of the Marine Corps' Force Design 2030 plan -- will be stood up in 2025 in Guam, according to Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Karsten Heckl, commanding general of Combat Development Command and deputy commandant for Combat Development and Integration.

The Navy has turned in its long-awaited 30-year shipbuilding plan to Congress:

Navy submits shipbuilding plan proposing fleet and spending growth, while including budget-constrained alternative

The Navy has submitted a new 30-year shipbuilding plan to Congress, presenting a roadmap to grow the fleet through increased spending, while also providing an alternative, budget-constrained path that would maintain a more modest force size for the coming three decades.

Document: Navy's 30-year shipbuilding plan

More Navy shipbuilding news:

Carrier delays concern industry members, Congress

With the newly released fiscal year 2025 budget pushing procurement of the fifth Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier (CVN-82) back by two years from FY-28 to FY-30, members of the shipbuilding industrial base are sounding the alarm about the potential ramifications.

The Army's acquisition chief spoke this morning at an event in Washington hosted by the Ronald Reagan Institute:

Bush says Army wants more flexibility for R&D budget activity

Research and development is the "most restricted area of funding" in the budget and Army acquisition chief Doug Bush said today the service plans to ask for more flexibility to improve the acquisition process going forward.

Canada wants reciprocity with the Defense Department's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program:

Canadian government urges DOD to establish reciprocity between CMMC and Canadian cyber certification program

The Canadian government is asking the Defense Department to facilitate establishing reciprocity between the Pentagon's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program and Canada's new cybersecurity framework, in response to a DOD proposed rule to implement the U.S. initiative.