The INSIDER daily digest -- March 28, 2023

By John Liang / March 28, 2023 at 1:03 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the future of the Pentagon's unfunded priorities lists, the Navy's shipbuilding plans, the Sentinel LGM-35A nuclear missile program and more.

Looks like Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) efforts to outlaw unfunded priorities lists are bearing fruit:

DOD supports repealing law requiring unfunded priorities lists

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin supports an ongoing effort by some lawmakers to repeal a law requiring that military leaders send annual "unfunded priorities lists" to Congress outside the regular budget submission, according to a new letter from Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord.

The Navy's shipbuilding plans have come into question by at least one lawmaker:

Collins questions proposed ship buying levels for FY-24

Contrasting projections for the U.S. fleet of 291 ships by 2028 to forecasts for China to have 440 ships, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told naval officials Tuesday she is concerned about the Navy's shipbuilding plans in the fiscal year 2024 budget.


Kaine: Classified study affirms 31 amphibious warships; seapower subcommittee remains supportive

The Navy's classified amphibious warship study supports the need for 31 L-class ships, according to Senate Armed Services seapower subcommittee chairman, who said he is "mystified" by the lack of amphibs in the Navy’s budget request.

The successor to the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile could be facing a delay:

House panel questions potential delay in Sentinel nuclear missile

House lawmakers expressed concern Tuesday over a schedule slip in the Sentinel LGM-35A nuclear missile program, which faces a potential two-year delay.

Some funding news for the Army's Future Unmanned Aircraft System program:

Army includes $53 million in FY-24 request for new-start FUAS

The Army's fiscal year 2024 request includes $53 million for the procurement of the Future Unmanned Aircraft System family of systems.

Last but by no means least, a look at the Space Force's FY-24 budget request:

Space Force seeks $30B in FY-24 to combat emerging space threats

The Space Force is requesting $30 billion in its fiscal year 2024 budget, an increase of $3.4 billion over the FY-23 enacted figure. This funding is a critical step to combat emerging space threats and meet pacing challenges, according to an FY-24 budget overview document.