The INSIDER daily digest -- May 1, 2019

By Thomas Duffy / May 1, 2019 at 2:08 PM

Today's INSIDER looks at new hypersonics research, a complete reversal of a Trump administration budget move, Army thinking on multidomain operations, and hurricane cleanup at Tyndall Air Force Base.

We start with a look at Pentagon research into hypersonics:

Dueling DOD hypersonic projects racing to flight tests by end of ‘19

A pair of Defense Department programs being pursued to develop air-launched, hypersonic weapons are racing to reach their initial flight tests by the end of calendar year 2019, although hardware integration issues could push the trials into 2020, according to the head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The Trump administration will now keep an aircraft carrier it planned to retire:

Pence: Navy will not retire Truman aircraft carrier

Vice President Mike Pence told sailors aboard the Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) today the service will not retire the aircraft carrier, despite the Pentagon’s push to opt out of the vessels’ mid-life refueling and complex overhaul.

Possible sticker shock on a new Navy ship:

Senate: Navy pegs potential CHAMP price tag at 'more than $1 billion'

The Navy estimates a new multimission auxiliary ship meant to recapitalize the aging Ready Reserve Force could cost “more than $1 billion,” according to policy questions sent by Senate lawmakers to the nominee to be the next chief of naval operations.

More from Inside Defense's recent trip to a robotics conference:

Wesley: Services still need to come together on multidomain operations

COLUMBUS, GA -- As the Army prepares to publish this fall the second iteration of its multidomain operations concept, called MDO 2.0, the official in charge of the concept says coordination of the joint force to solve the No. 1 problem it faces in future warfare is “problematic.”

The Air Force is trying to clean up one of its bases from last year's hurricane Michael:

Without supplemental funding, USAF to halt all new rebuilding efforts at Tyndall AFB

In the absence of supplemental funding from Congress, the Air Force will uphold its planned halt on all new rebuilding efforts at Tyndall Air Force Base, FL, which was destroyed in a category 5 hurricane in October.

And finally, the Navy secretary talks about the risks to the service's newest submarine:

Spencer acknowledges risk in Columbia-class program goals

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer today acknowledged risk in the service’s goals for the Columbia-class submarine program, noting the Navy is working to alleviate concerns.

“We are balancing risk in both of those portfolios,” Spencer told the House Appropriations defense subcommittee panel, referring to the Virginia-class and Columbia-class submarine programs.