The INSIDER daily digest -- Nov. 20, 2020

By John Liang / November 20, 2020 at 1:22 PM

This Friday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Space Force's budget, military aircraft readiness and more.

We start off with some space news:

SMC commander teases 'significant' Space Force budget growth

The commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center said today the Space Force will request a significant plus-up in funding in its fiscal year 2022 budget proposal, reflecting the strategic importance of space investment as one of the Defense Department's top priorities.

Air Force announces new candidates for SPACECOM HQ

The Air Force today announced six candidate bases to host U.S. Space Command Headquarters, including multiple locations not included in its initial attempt to choose a home base for the new combatant command.

Followed by coverage of a pair of new Government Accountability Office reports:

GAO: Most DOD aircraft missing availability targets

In a new survey of 46 Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, the Government Accountability Office found that only three met their mission-capable goals in most fiscal years between FY-11 and FY-19 -- demonstrating the readiness and cost implications of the military's aging aircraft fleet.

Document: GAO report on aircraft mission-capable rates

GAO: Cyber Command's joint warfighting programs lack interoperability goals

U.S. Cyber Command's key warfighting programs lack interoperability goals such as data tagging standards, potentially putting at risk the ability of those systems to share information and work in coordination, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Document: GAO report on the JCWA

Some cyber defense news from our colleagues at Inside Cybersecurity:

Lockheed Martin asks suppliers for details on compliance with upcoming Pentagon cyber regime

Lockheed Martin is working with its suppliers to get details on their efforts to reach compliance with current and upcoming cybersecurity regulations from the Pentagon.

The top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee isn't budging on his party's commitment to change the names of military bases that commemorate Confederate leaders:

Smith: Democrats standing ground on changing Confederate-named bases

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA), who is negotiating a final defense authorization bill, said he is confident President Trump will not veto the bill, but only because he believes Senate Republicans would never agree to anything that would force the president's hand.

The Navy recently managed to launch an unmanned aerial system from a submarine:

Navy successfully demos submarine-launched UAS

The Navy has conducted successful tests of its Submarine-Launched Unmanned Aerial System, a senior service official said yesterday.