The INSIDER daily digest -- Nov. 26, 2019

By John Liang / November 26, 2019 at 1:53 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has stories on several upcoming Defense Science Board studies and more.

Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Mike Griffin has called for a bunch of Defense Science Board studies:

Defense Science Board tasked with investigating DOD's reliance on critical infrastructure

The Pentagon's chief technology officer has asked the Defense Science Board to investigate the Defense Department’s dependencies on critical infrastructure -- such as the energy and communication sector -- as officials worry potential adversaries could impede U.S. military forces by targeting non-DOD systems.

Document: DSB terms of reference memo for critical infrastructure study

Griffin orders new defense industrial base review

Mike Griffin, the under secretary of defense for research and engineering, has tasked the Defense Science Board with reviewing the U.S. defense industrial base to identify "proactive" steps needed to increase depth, breadth and security.

Document: DSB terms of reference memo for industrial base study

Document: DSB terms of reference memo for microelectronics study

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, formerly known as the Defense Security Service, was officially rebranded in June as it took over the federal background investigations mission from the Office of Personnel Management:

'The nation's gatekeeper': Officials describe focus for revamped security agency

Defense intelligence officials are undertaking multiple initiatives to better protect technologies considered critical to the U.S. military’s future, including working more closely with Defense Department acquisition offices and setting up a revamped security agency to serve as the "nation's gatekeeper."

Here's some related defense cyber news from our colleagues at Inside Cybersecurity:

DOD-backed group seeks input on 'additional activities' after raucous cyber accreditation meeting

The Professional Services Council, which convened a lively meeting on behalf of Pentagon acquisition officials last week, is seeking industry input on the "additional activities" of an accreditation body that will establish the requirements for third-party auditors expected to certify the cybersecurity compliance of up to several hundred thousand defense contractors beginning next year.

The Government Accountability Office is questioning the Navy's shipyard improvement plan cost estimate:

GAO says Navy shipyard plan could cost 'billions' more than service estimate

The Navy's methods for estimating the initial costs of its $21 billion plan to improve the four public shipyards create risks that "together could add billions to the ultimate cost," according to a government watchdog.

Document: GAO report on naval shipyards