The INSIDER daily digest -- Nov. 4, 2022

By Thomas Duffy / November 4, 2022 at 1:43 PM

This Friday INSIDER Daily Digest starts off with a look at how the Navy is using its sub-building experience for the latest attack sub program, a new memo from the head of space acquisition, hypersonic weapons news, an update on the Army’s light tank program, and more.

The Navy is taking a good look at its next attack submarine program:

Navy hopes to leverage lessons learned as it looks ahead to SSN(X)

As the Navy designs its next-generation attack submarine, it will leverage lessons learned from developing and fielding previous vessels, according to the program executive officer of attack submarines.

The buyer for the Space Force issued a memo laying out his ideas for acquiring new systems:

Calvelli memo outlines nine new space AQ tenets

Space Force acquisition chief Frank Calvelli published a memo this week outlining new tenets for space acquisition that are intended to drive key priorities of rapid procurement, construction of a resilient architecture and integration of space capabilities with the joint force.

The Pentagon is looking at improvements to its developing hypersonic weapons fleet:

DOD flies 24 experiments to explore potential upgrades to 2024 hypersonic glide fleet

The Defense Department flew two dozen technology experiments in a pair of flight tests over the Atlantic Ocean last week as part of the U.S. military’s project to identify new capabilities to improve long-range hypersonic strike weapons as well as support development of defensive capabilities against such weapons.

General Dynamics officials discussed the company’s work on the Army’s light tank program:

GD ‘challenged’ suppliers to meet MTA demands ahead of Army’s new light tank program

The Army’s use of an alternate acquisition pathway to develop its new light tank required General Dynamics Land Systems to invest in materiel ahead of time and harness insights from soldier testing to win a production contract, company officials said.

The Air Force unveiled a new digital model for its emerging battle management concept:

Air Force releases battle management model, seeks input to advance ABMS effort

The Air Force recently released a battle management digital model, giving industry the opportunity to provide input on potential requirements as the service refines its nebulous Advanced Battle Management System concept.