The INSIDER daily digest -- Oct. 24, 2023

By John Liang / October 24, 2023 at 2:07 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on an industry group's lobbying for $1 billion in Defense Innovation Unit funding, a recently released Defense Science Board study on China as an information espionage threat in academia and more.

In a letter to the House and Senate Appropriations committee chairs and ranking members, the Silicon Valley Defense Group urges them "to maintain the House-passed provision which provides over $1.0 billion for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to establish a hedge portfolio, called the Non-Traditional Innovation Fielding Enterprise (NIFE)":

Defense organizations rally together to urge lawmakers to pass DIU funding

Both the House and Senate Appropriations committees received a letter from the Silicon Valley Defense Group today urging them to keep the House-approved provision providing the Defense Innovation Unit $1 billion to establish a hedge portfolio in the fiscal year 2024 Defense Appropriations Act.

Document: Silicon Valley Defense Group letter to appropriations lawmakers on DIU funding

A new Defense Science Board report asserts "the two-part threat of being outrun by strategic competitors in the fields of advanced technology along with the counterintelligence threat is real and growing":

DSB highlights China as information espionage threat in academia

The final report of a Defense Science Board task force assigned to make recommendations to Pentagon leaders on "balancing openness and security" pertaining to academic research says China poses a "unique" threat when it comes to information espionage.

Document: DSB report on 'balancing openness and security across the DOD academic research enterprise'

Gen. James Dickinson, SPACECOM commander, spoke recently at the MilSat Symposium:

SPACECOM lays out approach to achieve triad convergence goals

A top U.S. Space Command official on Friday said to accomplish the objectives of triad convergence of conducting multi-domain and joint force mission across the conflict spectrum, the command has adopted a four-triad approach, each of which has several elements.

Looks like Boeing has a much clearer shot at getting a contract for the Air Force's KC-135 tanker recapitalization effort:

Lockheed backs out of competition for next phase of tanker recap

Lockheed Martin has dropped out of the running for the next phase of the KC-135 tanker recapitalization effort, propping up Boeing's chances to extend its KC-36 Pegasus delivery order.

Last but by no means least, here's our coverage of the Biden administration's sizable emergency spending request to aid Ukraine and Israel:

White House seeks $1.2B for laser upgrade to Iron Dome to protect Israel

The Biden administration, in its massive emergency supplemental spending request sent to Congress today, is seeking $1.2 billion to help Israel upgrade its Iron Dome defense system to the new Iron Beam, using laser technology to take the place of missile interceptors, according to a letter from the Office of Management and Budget.

White House highlights $50B for U.S. defense industry in Biden's emergency spending request

President Biden, calling for the United States to again become the "arsenal of democracy," is seeking more than $100 billion in emergency national security spending from Congress to mostly aid Ukraine and Israel, with the White House highlighting a $50 billion investment in the U.S. defense industrial base, including billions for new attack submarines.