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The INSIDER daily digest -- Sept. 13, 2017

September 13, 2017 |
John Liang

The Pentagon's "consolidated anomalies list" remains at the top of this Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest.

Continued coverage of the Pentagon's "consolidated anomalies list":

50 DOD programs require 'new-start' authority early in FY-18, tripped up by CR

Fifty Defense Department projects that require "new-start" authorization in fiscal year 2018 are facing schedule delays as a result of the 10-week stopgap funding bill enacted last week, that bars, as a matter of routine, spending on new projects.

Navy outlines FY-18 program priorities that need waivers under a CR

The Navy last month, as part of a Pentagon-wide package, sent the White House a list of programs from the fiscal year 2018 budget request the service identified as needing a waiver so that work could progress under a continuing resolution.

It's not clear how the Trump administration plans to increase weapon sales to South Korea and Japan:

Trump plan for increased weapon sales to South Korea, Japan remains vague

President Trump has said he will allow South Korea and Japan to buy "substantially increased" amounts of U.S. weapons, but administration officials could not point to any specific sales and a major arms transfer has not been approved for either nation since early February.

A new GAO report on naval shipyards is out:

GAO: Navy unable to complete 73 maintenance periods at public shipyards over 23 years

The cost of the Navy's maintenance projects at its four public shipyards has grown by 41 percent over five years to an estimated $4.86 billion and as a result the service anticipates it will be unable to conduct 73 of 218 maintenance periods over the next 23 fiscal years, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Document: GAO report on naval shipyards

Army aviation news:

Reducing commonality could pose logistics challenges, officials warn

The Army has to find the appropriate balance between commonality and additional capability in its aviation fleet, according to service officials.

Aviation community highlights value of S&T

Science and technology efforts are a critical part of the Army's efforts to keep pace with and stay ahead of evolving threats, service and industry officials said at a Sept. 7 conference hosted by the Association of the United States Army.

Officials outline aviation role in future maneuver

Army aviation will play a vital role in enabling maneuver forces in the future operating environment, according to service leaders.