Jones retiring from Air Force

By Shelley K. Mesch / July 9, 2024 at 4:46 PM

Assistant Air Force Secretary for Financial Management and Comptroller Kristyn Jones, who performed the duties of the service under secretary for more than a year, will retire from the government tomorrow, the service announced today.

Jones began her role as assistant secretary in May 2022, and from March 2023 until May of this year, she acted as the Air Force under secretary. During this time, she helped shape the service’s “Reoptimization for Great Power Competition” plan to meet the potential threat posed by near peer adversaries, particularly China.

“I want to express my gratitude to Kristyn Jones for her dedicated service while serving as under secretary,” Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said in May. “Her leadership and focus was invaluable as we advanced our modernization priorities and efforts to reoptimize the department for an era of great power competition.”

Melissa Dalton took over as under secretary in May following her Senate confirmation, more than a year after former Under Secretary Gina Ortiz Jones left the position.

Jones previously served in the Army and worked in financial management for both the Navy and Army.