Lockheed to help minimize warfighters' response time during critical events

By Apurva Minchekar / October 2, 2023 at 4:31 PM

Space Systems Command awarded its first Space Enterprise Consortium contract to Lockheed Martin to build technology that can relay data to warfighters to respond during adverse events quickly, according to an announcement issued today.

The Overhead Persistent Infrared Data Exploitation Technology Transition I (ODETT I) Typing and Characterization Algorithm contract will be directed by SSC's Tools Applications Processing Lab in Boulder, CO, according to the command.

“This is our first SpEC ODETT award, and it represents a major step forward in TAP Lab’s efforts to improve our missile warning processes,” Steve Polliard, TAP Lab director, said in the announcement.

“The progress we will gain as a result of this work will directly inform our warfighter and contribute to our nation’s safety,” he added.

SSC’s TAP Lab is focused on leveraging software, algorithms, and applications that will extract data “effectively and rapidly interpreting OPIR data.” In addition, it will also help to classify OPIR events correctly, minimizing the response time to critical events such as “enemy missile launch.”

“To carry out OPIR missions effectively, it's crucial to quickly and accurately identify interesting space events from the data our operators receive,” Polliard said.

The service’s space operators currently support three constellations of OPIR satellites to conduct strategic missile and theater missile warnings, which provide vital intel information to missile defense forces, battlespace awareness to combatant commanders and technical intelligence to perform further analysis, according to Polliard.

Lockheed was awarded a $5.4 million contract for a four-year period, the announcement states.