Lockheed Martin awarded $75M for Multi-Function EW component development

By Jaspreet Gill / April 29, 2020 at 8:00 AM

The Army earlier this year awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to move into the second phase of development for the "Air Large" component of the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare program, the company announced today in a press release.

The contract, worth around $75 million, is the second contract awarded to Lockheed Martin for development of the Air Large component, part of the service's MFEW aerial capability outfitted for the Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft system. The contract was awarded on January 30, according to the Consortium Management Group website.

Last year, the company was awarded an $18 million other transaction agreement to test and develop the first phase of an EW podded system for the Air Large component.

The MFEW-AL will enable rapid cyber and EW development and deployment, interoperability of hardware and software between airborne and ground platforms and conforms to the Defense Department's modular open suite of standards, according to the press release.

"MFEW-AL leverages three years of Lockheed Martin's internal research and development investment in an open architecture system that can be easily configured for a variety of airborne and ground platforms, such as a wing-mounted pod for Group 4 unmanned aerial systems," the press release states.