Manual Drive

By Dan Dupont / November 7, 2011 at 2:41 PM

The Army and the Marine Corps are beginning a major rewrite of a major field manual, known officially as FM-3-24/MCWP 3-33.5, Counterinsurgency. Since its publication in 2006, the Army says, the manual "has been one of the most widely read and oft-quoted field manuals by military leaders, academic scholars, and policy-makers alike. The manual's enduring principles and fundamentals have guided the operational planning and actions, at all echelons, in our on-going conflicts worldwide."

Now it's due for a tune-up, according to the Army's Combined Arms Center:

As the Army undergoes a doctrinal review as part of Doctrine 2015, the Counterinsurgency Center has started the revision process of FM 3-24. Our goal is to produce a field manual that captures the enduring tactics and procedures to guide Army and Marine ground forces, integrated with joint, interagency, and multinational partners, conducting counterinsurgency operations, against future irregular threats, as part of our larger effort to create the conditions for favorable conflict resolution. Simply put, the revised FM 3-24, informed by the many lessons learned after a decade of sustained land combat operations, will allow US ground forces to continue to address irregular threats in an uncertain future.

And the service wants your input:

This is an Army and Marine Corps field manual, so, decisions on content, writing style, and format are made by the US military. However, the Counterinsurgency Center seeks to engender a collaborative environment that capitalizes on the collective experiences, intellect, and expertise of practitioners, scholars, and agency partners, to create the best doctrinal guide for our ground forces.

Please provide your informed comments by filling out our questionnaire, writing on our blog, or simply contacting us.