Marine Corps to host training modernization industry day

By Nick Wilson / February 10, 2023 at 12:39 PM

The Marine Corps will host an industry day showcasing a Marine Littoral Regiment training exercise and signaling training modernization needs to industry, according to a service announcement.

The event will center on Project Tripoli -- a Marine Corps initiative to couple live and virtual training by 2025 -- and reveal efforts to build combat readiness in a period where technologies like expeditionary long-range precision fires, loitering munitions, organic precision fires, unmanned systems and electronic warfare capabilities are becoming increasingly prolific.

“Project Tripoli will serve as the cornerstone of how the Marine Corps builds combat readiness during this critical time of transformation,” the release states, adding the initiative addresses “all aspects of the people, processes and systems required to develop, implement and sustain a" Live, Virtual and Constructive-Training Environment.

The service is prioritizing training capability modernization as one of its top three investments in support of Force Design 2030, the release continues. The primary objective of this investment is improving combat readiness throughout the service in addition to experimenting with emerging technologies.

“Project Tripoli and the LVC-TE it creates will provide the means to conduct fully integrated training at all echelons, in all-domains, connected across disparate locations. In its fully mature state, the LVC-TE will create the system interoperability we need to fully integrate with joint and international LVC capabilities,” the release continues.

The announcement explains that the service wants industry to observe a Marine Littoral Regiment training exercise to prepare to respond to a series of future solicitations expected over the next two years, once requirements are finalized. The industry day will take place on Feb. 16.

The Marine Corps has signaled its intent to establish at least three MLRs, designed to act as stand-in forces in the Pacific making the service more agile, lethal and versatile in preparation for a potential conflict with China.

In January, the Defense Department announced the Okinawa-based 12th Marine Regiment will be reorganized into the 12th Marine Littoral Regiment by 2025. Last February, the Marine Corps created its first MLR when it established the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment in Hawaii.