Marine Corps issues RFI for counter-UAS

By Mallory Shelbourne / May 27, 2020 at 2:13 PM

The Marine Corps yesterday issued a request for information for a counter-unmanned aircraft system.

"Counter-drone technology also known as C-UAS, or Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV) technology refers to systems used to detect and/or intercept unmanned aircraft," the RFI reads.

Marine Corps Systems Command, which is the Marine Corps' acquisition arm, wants a C-UAS that one operator can command.

The service is seeking a system that can "intercept UAS/[unmanned aerial vehicle] through operator Ground Control Intercept (GCI) to come into proximity of the targeted UAS/UAV to employ countermeasures" and can "employ countermeasures including the ability to jam/block the radio frequency link between the UAS/UAV and its operator; other possible countermeasures."

Responses to the RFI are due by June 26.

The RFI comes several months after the Pentagon announced it put Army Maj. Gen. Sean Gainey in charge of its initiative pursuing counter-drone technology.

"Small UAS are becoming a more popular weapon of choice," Defense Department acquisition chief Ellen Lord told reporters in January.

"We need to be agile and pivot to that challenge," she said. "Our focus has increased. Funding is increasing. Senior leadership involvement is increasing. . . . There is a lot of focus."