Marine Corps looking for counter-UAS interceptors

By Audrey Decker / January 3, 2022 at 12:07 PM

The Marine Corps is asking industry for information on interceptors that would defeat enemy unmanned aircraft systems.

The service is seeking to increase the lethality of the current Marine Air Defense Integrated System Block 1 by integrating a C-UAS interceptor, according to a request for information released last month.

“The MADIS consists of specific, integrated capabilities required to carry out active air defense against UAS, fixed-wing, and rotary-wing threats. The defense of maneuver forces requires an integrated and in-depth air defense umbrella based upon the rapid kill chain sequence of ‘detect,’ ‘track,’ ‘identify,’ and ‘defeat,’” the RFI states.

The Marine Corps aims to field the C-UAS interceptor program in fiscal year 2025, according to a question-and-answer document released today.

The interceptor should be able to autonomously engage multiple targets, according to the RFI.

The solution must be transportable on the MADIS Future Weapons System Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, according to the Q&A document.

The Marine Corps successfully launched a pair of cruise missiles from an unmanned JLTV this summer, during Large Scale Exercise 21.