Marine Corps receives first command-variant ACV for testing

By Aidan Quigley / February 18, 2021 at 11:53 AM

BAE Systems has delivered the first command-variant Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV-C) to the Marine Corps for testing, the company announced Thursday.

The ACV-C is designed to support command and control by providing high-level communications, coordination and analysis, the company said.

The company is on contract to deliver the ACV-C and the ACV personnel carrier (ACV-P). A 30 mm cannon (ACV-30) variant and a recovery variant (ACV-R) are in development.

John Swift, BAE Systems' director of amphibious programs, said in the press release that the ACV is a "uniquely adaptable platform" for a range of mission sets.

"The delivery of the first ACV-C for testing is significant as it provides Marines with advanced operational control for defeating adversaries," he said. "Marines will be able to quickly receive and analyze data, coordinate battlefield functions, and transmit information to provide terminal mission control rapidly from the mobile protected ACV-C."

Last week, the Marine Corps awarded BAE a $184 million contract to procure 36 Amphibious Combat Vehicles, increasing the service's order to 72.

The ACV reached initial operational capability in November 2020.

The ACV, which is set to replace the service's Vietnam-era Assault Amphibious Vehicle, outperformed the AAV during the program's initial operational test and evaluation, according to Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Robert Behler's annual report.