Marine Corps seeking information on technically mature surveillance drones

By Justin Katz / February 27, 2020 at 2:54 PM

The Marine Corps is seeking information from industry about "medium-range/medium-endurance" unmanned aircraft capable of performing surveillance and target acquisition in all weather conditions.

"The system should provide real-time full motion video via electro-optical and/or infrared sensors," according to a notice published last week by Naval Air Systems Command.

"The Air Vehicles (AV) should be capable of autonomous or a safe manual launch with a minimum of support equipment from a small confined area, and should be capable of either a manual or an autonomous recovery within the same area as launch," the notice continues.

The drone should also be capable of flying 10 kilometers and for two hours and only require one person to set up.

Additionally, the Marine Corps writes the system should be technologically mature enough to "be fielded immediately."

The Feb. 21 notice asks for responses to be submitted by April 6.