Marines face $9 billion backlog

By Lee Hudson / March 29, 2017 at 2:32 PM

The Marine Corps' installations and logistics chief warned Congress today that the service is facing a $9 billion backlog.

Lt. Gen. Michael Dana told the Senate Armed Services readiness and management support subcommittee the funding backlog is due to fiscal constraints.

"The effect of this shortfall is that [out of] 29,000 facilities in the Marine Corps, 15 percent or 4,300 facilities are in poor or failing condition," according to Dana's written testimony submitted to the subcommittee.

At current funding levels, the Marine Corps is able to complete construction projects supporting the Pacific Pivot. However, without additional dollars there will be long-term impacts on support for training, operations, and logistics, according to Dana.

"Many projects to replace existing inadequate and obsolete facilities that directly support operational forces are unaffordable," he added.