Martin: 'Project Convergence' to explore Army's role in JADC2

By Ashley Tressel / March 10, 2020 at 4:30 PM

YUMA PROVING GROUND, AZ -- The Army is planning a demonstration at Yuma Proving Ground, AZ, in September to test sensor-to-shooter technology using artificial intelligence, according to Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Martin.

Martin told reporters about the upcoming event after a demonstration Friday of the service’s new Extended Range Cannon Artillery prototype system.

“The demo today and the other [cross-functional team] efforts over the next couple of months will feed into the Army and [Army Futures Command]’s culminating event of the year, which will be Project Convergence, a demonstration here at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona,” he said. “At that demonstration, we’ll bring all the pieces together and see how we can shorten the decision cycle through AI at the tactical edge. We talked today about outgunning our adversaries -- Project Convergence will allow us to develop efforts and capability to out-decide our adversaries.”

Martin said Project Convergence will explore the Army’s role in the joint all-domain command and control effort led by the Air Force.

“We’ve got sensors that are up in the air -- think unmanned aerial vehicles, think aircraft, think helicopters -- they’re all collecting data,” he said. “You’ve got assets on the ground that are collecting data -- think radars, think soldiers [wearing Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems] . . . Where’s that data going? We want these . . . sensors to be able to determine what they’re seeing -- that’s where AI comes into play -- and feed what they’re seeing . . . to a central repository, a place where it’s ubiquitously accessible by anybody on the battlefield. [So that] any shooter on the battlefield has the data that they need, any command and control node on the battlefield has the data that they need.”