McCarthy forecasts modernization spending by priority

March 14, 2019 at 4:38 PM

Army Under Secretary Ryan McCarthy today laid out the service's forecast for spending on modernization by priority over the future years defense program starting in fiscal year 2020.

The total funding allocated to modernization is $57 billion across the FYDP -- $52 billion listed here and about $5 billion for prototyping and experimentation not yet tied to a priority, according to the service.

McCarthy told an audience at the Brookings Institution in Washington the service plans to spend $5.7 billion on the No. 1 priority, long-range precision fires, to field hypersonic missiles "that can stay ahead of recent Russian and Chinese advances," as well as the Precision Strike Missile and the tactical-level Extended Range Cannon Artillery.

Slightly more than $1 billion of that money will be spent in FY-20.

Next Generation Combat Vehicle projects would get $13.2 billion under the Army's plan, $2 billion of that requested in FY-20, according to McCarthy.

Future Vertical Lift is slated to get $4.7 billion over the FYDP, including $800 million in FY-20, to develop two new projects, the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft and the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, he said.

Network programs would get $12.5 billion over the FYDP, including $2.3 billion in FY-20, to "leverage commercial technologies and space-based systems" for faster and more secure communications.

Air and missile defense would get $8.8 billion over the FYPD, including $1.4 billion in FY-20, to "revitalize atrophied short-range air defenses" and support the Indirect Fire Protection Capability program, the service under secretary added.

Finally, the Army is asking for $6.7 billion over the FYDP for soldier lethality projects, including the Integrated Visual Augmentation System and the two Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapon variants.

FY-20 funding of $845 million is a part of that request.