Missile Defense Test

By Christopher J. Castelli / September 3, 2013 at 2:48 PM

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little has released a statement confirming widespread reports that the Defense Department and Israel conducted a joint missile defense test today. Little denied the test was linked to preparations for a potential military strike against Syria's government.

Here is Little's full statement:

Early this morning, the United States Department of Defense provided technical assistance and support to the Israeli Missile Defense Organization flight test of a Sparrow target missile over the Mediterranean Sea. The test was long planned to help evaluate the Arrow Ballistic Missile Defense system's ability to detect, track, and communicate information about a simulated threat to Israel. The United States and Israel cooperate on a number of long-term ballistic missile defense development projects to address common challenges in the region. This test had nothing to do with United States consideration of military action to respond to Syria's chemical weapons attack. For more information on the test, please contact the Israeli Ministry of Defense.