Murray: Army sees potential role for AI 'in everything the Army does'

By Ashley Tressel / November 28, 2018 at 5:52 PM

DETROIT -- The Army's four-star general in charge of modernization sees potential applications for artificial intelligence in vehicles; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; analysis; training; resource management; and many other areas.

"Eventually, there will be a potential role for AI in nearly any role that requires perception, decision or action across the Army," Army Futures Command chief Gen. Mike Murray said today at AUSA's Autonomy and AI Symposium here. "In other words, there will be a need for AI in everything the Army does."

He touted several innovations the Army is already working on, including "wargaming" modeling and simulation for training, hyperspectral imaging within unmanned aircraft systems, Leader Follower semi-autonomous convoys and autonomous cyber defense.

Murray said the service is pushing for open architectures in all the major platforms being developed for its modernization priorities so that it can "incorporate increasingly advanced AI solutions in the coming years."

He said the ultimate goal is to provide future soldiers what they need to succeed on the battlefield.

"Or better yet, artificial intelligence may ensure they don't have to fight at all, because potential adversaries [would] understand they would absolutely lose and choose not to engage the United States Army and our allies in ground combat," he said.