Nauticus Robotics receives additional award for DIU amphibious robot

By Audrey Decker / October 5, 2022 at 9:45 AM

The Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit has awarded Nauticus Robotics a second contract for the development of an amphibious unmanned system.

The system will use the company’s autonomous command-and-control software platform -- ToolKITT, according to today’s press release.

While the company said it’s a multimillion-dollar contract, the specific number is undisclosed per the agreement with DIU.

“ToolKITT is a unified software platform utilizing advances in machine learning to identify, classify and perform complex underwater activities, which can be applied to remove, detect, identify, inspect and neutralize hazards underwater,” the press release states.

In February, DIU awarded Nauticus a contract to prototype ToolKITT aboard the Navy’s VideoRay Defender, a remotely operated vehicle that neutralizes mines and collects data underwater.

“We are thrilled with the additional work the DIU and the Marine Corps have awarded us to continue providing leading maritime robotics and autonomy solutions to assist the warfighter,” said Ed Tovar, director of business development for defense systems at Nauticus. “We are humbled and honored to be doing our part to advance the usage of robotics and autonomous systems to remove servicemembers from harm’s way.”

DIU also released a solicitation in August for small expeditionary boats to conduct littoral and distributed maritime operations.

While the solicitation doesn’t list a specific service intended for the platform, it stated that solution use cases could include “integration with standard U.S. Marine Corps communications platforms/sensor suites.”