Naval Air Systems: E-2D aircraft are ahead of schedule

By Jordan Wolman / March 23, 2021 at 2:00 PM

The Navy has reached its goal of 28 mission-capable E-2D aircraft five months ahead of schedule, the Navy announced in a press release last week.

The Navy had targeted July 1 as the original date to sustain 28 mission-capable E-2Ds, but had met that goal for the first time on Feb. 3. The next benchmark is sustaining 22 fully mission-capable (FMC) E-2Ds.

Connie Hempel, a spokeswoman for Naval Tactical Aircraft Programs, confirmed that the focus is on getting aircraft currently in the Navy's inventory to be fully mission capable.

The Naval Sustainment System-Aviation efforts launched in 2020 to improve aircraft readiness. The initiative is structured around the NSSA's six pillars and applies an integrated approach to increase spare parts, enhance capability and maintain aircraft to support the warfighter.

The pillars involved in the reform include the Aircraft on Ground maintenance operation center, fleet readiness center reform, organizational-level reform, supply chain reform, engineering and maintenance reform, and establishing a single point of accountability for governance and accountability.

In order to maintain the 28 aircraft deemed mission-capable, the Navy is focused on ensuring there are 37 available E-2D aircraft out of the total inventory of 46.

"The Navy invested in the E-2D because of the unique and critical warfighting capabilities it brings to the Navy and the Joint Force," Capt. Mike France, Airborne Command and Control and Logistics Wing commander, said in the press release. "Persistently maintaining 28 MC is an important milestone, but achieving 22 FMC E-2Ds sets the stage for us to win against adversaries. This is the critical number that supports deployed squadrons and high-end training."

France and Capt. Pete Arrobio said in the press release that the Navy is making progress on the goal of 22 FMC E-2Ds by prioritizing parts across aircraft, accelerating spares and repairs and improving reliability.