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NAVSEA training workflow to increase 50 percent through fiscal year 2020

By Justin Katz  
January 10, 2018 at 1:51 PM

The workflow for delivering training to the surface fleet will increase 50 percent through fiscal year 2020, according to a Naval Sea Systems Command official.

"That's not a 50 percent increase in actual trainers delivered, but it's the work that is going to be required to deliver those trainers across the world," Capt. Samuel Pennington, program manager for surface training systems at NAVSEA, said today at the Surface Navy Association conference in Arlington, VA.

Pennington noted the number of Aegis weapon system baselines delivered has created a "bow wave of work" that requires updated training support.

"We're training not only the shipboard level but training the sailors and division officers as they come up through [surface warfare advanced tactical training], so we're expanding what we're delivering there for that as well," he said.

NAVSEA will also recover capability for hull, mechanical and electrical training that was cut back several years ago during "cost-saving measures," Pennington said. The command will also expand its surface training advanced virtual environment curriculum.