Navy asks Congress for multiyear procurement of CH-53Ks

By Audrey Decker / April 21, 2022 at 1:43 PM

The Navy is asking to enter into one or more block-buy contracts for the CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter.

The Defense Department’s legislative proposal package for the fiscal year 2023 defense authorization bill would permit the Navy to enter a block-buy contract in FY-23 and FY-24 for 30 CH-53Ks.

The legislative proposal would also permit the Navy to enter a block-buy contract for 90 CH-53K aircraft engines in support of 30 aircraft, according to the document.

“These block-buy contract strategies will provide industrial base stability, incentivize prime/ supplier investment, improve production efficiency, reduce administration burden of annual contracts, and take advantage of airframes and engine procurement volume resulting in significant cost avoidance when compared to an annual procurement cost estimate,” according to the document.

The Marine Corps’ unfunded priorities list included $250 million for two CH-53K helicopters.

Last month, the CH-53K program completed initial operational test and evaluation and the service said it is on track to be operational this year.