Navy awards Lockheed 'Layered Laser Defense' prototype contract

By Justin Katz / March 10, 2020 at 9:58 AM

The Navy yesterday awarded Lockheed Martin a $22 million contract for a "Layered Laser Defense" weapon system prototype, a new project initiated by a wide-ranging call for science and technology projects beneficial to the military.

The Office of Naval Research awarded Lockheed a letter contract for "the integration, demonstration, testing and operation" of a prototype onboard a Littoral Combat Ship while the vessel is underway, according to a March 9 Defense Department statement.

"Key areas of work to be performed include development of a prototype structure and enclosure to protect the LLD from ship’s motion and maritime environment in a mission module format; system integration and test with government-furnished equipment; platform integration and system operational verification and test; systems engineering; test planning; data collection and analysis support; and operational demonstration," the statement continued.

The contract was the result of a standing broad agency announcement issued by ONR for dozens of different technologies that industry believes would benefit the Pentagon.