Navy begins implementing new Tomahawk strategy with two contracts to Raytheon

By Justin Katz / March 30, 2020 at 10:48 AM

The Navy last week awarded Raytheon two key contracts for the service's revamped offensive missile strategy, one to restart the production line and another to upgrade older missiles, according to a Pentagon statement.

One award is a $147 million production contract for 90 Tactical Tomahawk all-up-round missiles. The other contract is an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity award worth up to $493 million to recertify and modernize existing rounds with the navigation and communication kits associated with Block V ammunition, according to a March 27 Defense Department statement.

Lawmakers in the fiscal year 2019 defense spending bill directed the Navy secretary to conduct a "full review" of the Tomahawk program because the service's budget request did not follow plans the Navy committed to in FY-18. That review was to consider restarting the production line and continuing to upgrade older missiles, which the service ultimately proposed in the FY-20 budget request, Inside Defense reported.

The Defense Department statement does not specify how many missiles the Raytheon contract would modernize but the FY-20 budget documents said the service's spending request would include 112 Block V kits. Lawmakers in FY-20 appropriated those funds as requested.

The service in FY-21 is requesting $277 million to buy 155 new missiles and $164 million to continue upgrading older missiles, according to the most recent budget justification documents.

"The Navy will conduct further analysis to determine if TACTOM production will continue beyond" FY-21, according to the budget documents.