Navy establishes board to oversee electromagnetic radiation battlespace

By Aidan Quigley / October 2, 2020 at 1:40 PM

The Navy has established a board to govern and advise its electromagnetic radiation battlespace policy.

The Electromagnetic Battle Space (EMBS) governance board was established in a Sept. 23 memo by Aaron Weiss, the Navy's chief information officer.

The board will provide oversight and guidance "in the development and implementation of EMBS strategy, policy, and doctrine," Weiss wrote. The board will be composed of senior Navy and Marine Corps personnel with the knowledge and authority required to address related issues.

The board will advise the Navy and Marine Corps on required modifications to and establishment of policy to meet Defense Department mandated and Navy EMS Enterprise-level issues.

The board is set to advise the Navy in developing policy that enhances operations and ensure that "EMBS strategic investment guidance supports the warfighter," the memo states.

The board is tasked with recommending EMBS operational capability priorities and with seeking opportunities to maximize effectiveness in spectrum workforce capabilities.

The board will also "establish EMBS integrated project teams (IPTs), Cross Functional Teams (CFTs), and other working groups as needed."