Navy to finish this month first phase of new wargaming center construction competition

By Justin Katz / September 3, 2020 at 10:05 AM

The Navy this month will wrap up the first stage of a full and open competition to construct a new wargaming center at Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA, according to a service spokesman.

“Step one will evaluate the contractors based on technical criteria, including management approach, experience, safety record, and past performance,” Navy spokesman Bill Couch told Inside Defense.

“Step one will create a short list of offerors for the step two phase. Step two will evaluate the contractors based on price and technical criteria,” he continued.

Naval Facilities Engineering Command is managing the new wargaming center’s construction.

“Issuance of the step two solicitation is expected by the end of September 2020. [The] construction contract award is planned for February 2021,” Couch said.

The construction is planned to take 27 months, he added.

Marine Corps Systems Command is holding a separate competition for the capabilities to be housed at the new center.

Inside Defense reported last month the service tapped three contractors -- BAE Systems, Cole Engineering Services and Microsoft -- for the next phase of a three-part competition.

“The intent of this phase of the acquisition strategy is to reduce technical risk through multiple, competitive prototype” other transaction agreements, Lt. Col. Matthew Clinger, program manager for wargaming capability at Marine Corps Systems Command, told Inside Defense in a statement last month.

A program announcement published earlier this year projects the new facility will achieve initial operational capability in late FY-24 and full operational capability in FY-25.