Navy holding submarine common computing environment platform industry days

By Aidan Quigley / February 10, 2021 at 1:55 PM

The Navy is planning on holding virtual industry days for submarine common computing system software later this month.

The submarine warfare federated tactical system common computing environment and platform as a service (CCE PaaS) is a new requirement for the AN/BYG-1 Combat Control System.

"The purpose of CCE and PaaS is to establish a PaaS to manage the SWFTS Infrastructure formerly managed by the individual subsystems, such as Combat Control, Sonar, Imaging and Electronic Warfare," an industry day notice states.

The Feb. 24 industry day will feature an overview of the program from the Submarine Tactical and Weapons Control Program office and include opportunities for one-on-one meetings with the acquisition team.

The CCE PaaS will perform a series of tasks, ranging from reliability management and geographic imagery services to data recording and archiving, according to the notice.

"The CCE PaaS is a common computing environment where virtualized and/or containerized software modules can be hosted," the notice states. "Requirements include software development and integration of over fifteen internal core components that are critical for the effective and suitable mission accomplishment of twenty SWFTS subsystems."

The contract will be for "design, development, and delivery of software," the notice states.