Navy launches next-generation destroyer program office

By Aidan Quigley / June 9, 2021 at 10:35 AM

The Navy has launched a program office for the next-generation destroyer, DDG(X), the service announced Friday.

The DDG(X) will succeed the DDG-51 class of destroyers. The program office "is tasked with developing acquisition strategy, design/technical data package and ship construction, testing, fleet introduction and sustainment plans," according to a Navy press release.

The Navy has appointed Capt. David Hart as the major program manager and Katherine Connelly as deputy program manager.

In fiscal year 2021, the Navy is conducting conceptual design, and preliminary design is set to start in FY-22. The FY-22 budget requests $121.8 million for the program, according to budget documents.

"The PB22 budget request funds transition from Conceptual Design to Preliminary Design, brings industry teams fully onboard, and continues Integrated Power System and hull form land-based test activities to ensure program risk reduction," the Navy's press release states.

The program is aiming for an FY-26 detail design and FY-28 construction start.

However, a fiscal guidance memo obtained by Inside Defense Tuesday shows that the Navy believes it cannot afford to develop next-generation air, surface and subsurface platforms at the same time, and calls for the Navy to prioritize one of those platforms.

The PEO Ship's electric ships program office is being folded into the DDG(X) program office, the Navy said.

"Electric Ships was established to generate and execute an integrated power system development and transition plan," the Navy’s press release states. "DDG(X) is the embodiment of that vision."