Navy plans to award additional NGEN contract extension to Perspecta

By Justin Katz / July 18, 2019 at 2:18 PM

The Navy announced today it plans to award Perspecta another extension to the Next Generation Enterprise Network contract, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

The contract is split into two parts. The first, end-user hardware, was scheduled to expire in October but will now be stretched until March 2020. The contract's second part is services management, which would have terminated in June 2020 but will now be extended between four and seven months, ending in the last quarter of calendar year 2020.

The newest extension is in addition to a contract modification the Navy previously awarded to Perspecta to avoid a lapse in services while it conducts a re-competition and transitions vendors.

Dubbed NGEN-R, the re-competition is now expected to award an end-user hardware contract in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 and a services management contract in the second quarter of FY-20.

The original NGEN contract was awarded to a sole vendor, but the Navy decided to split NGEN-R into multiple contracts after soliciting feedback from industry.

The current contract, a five-year deal worth $3.45 billion covering 34 distinct services, was awarded in 2013 to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. That business unit merged in 2016 with Computer Sciences Corp. to form DXC.