Navy releases future aviation vision

By Audrey Decker / October 29, 2021 at 1:34 PM

The Navy has released its vision "to form the framework of Navy aviation's future," but doesn't detail specific program dates or benchmarks.

Navy Aviation Vision 2030-2035, released Wednesday, emphasizes that carrier strike groups remain at the heart of aviation.

"CSGs bring unmatched contributions of lethality, battle space awareness, and mobility to any maritime theater, ensuring the Navy's ability to establish and sustain sea control, achieve maritime superiority, and project power at great distances," the Navy states.

A big issue for the Navy is readiness and the vision notes the Future Readiness Team's cost-reduction initiatives have major projected savings.

"Since [the fiscal year 2012 program objective memorandum], this effort has identified 51 projects, received over $870 million in funding, and has a projected lifetime savings of $2.9 billion," the Navy states.

The FY-23 POM includes future readiness initiatives with $800 million in projected savings, according to the document.

The Navy Aviation Vision 2030-2035 replaces the Vision for Naval Aviation 2025, released in 2016.