Navy seeking unused, underutilized dry docks from industry

By Justin Katz / August 2, 2018 at 11:11 AM

The Navy is seeking information from industry about dry docks that are either not certified for use by the service or are certified and underutilized, according to an Aug. 1 Federal Business Opportunities notice.

The goal of the request for information is for Naval Sea Systems Command to understand "what docks are available and what efforts may be necessary to utilize the docks for Navy surface fleet maintenance," the RFI said.

In March, Navy acquisition executive Hondo Geurts sent Congress a report stating the Navy's ability to manage resources, such as dry docks, amid increasing workloads in coming years, will be key to improving public and private shipyard maintenance, Inside the Navy reported.

The command is interested in available dry dock capabilities, material condition and efforts necessary to obtain a NAVSEA certification, as well as industry's interest in contractual relationships.

"Contract with dock provider would not include a contract for surface ship maintenance and modernization work," the RFI said. "Instead, the contract would be structured as a dry-docking services contract, to ensure the dock provider a reasonable return on investment for the provision of the dock to the Navy on a continuous basis."

Those contracts could potentially include ways for the service to pay for temporary services, such as electrical power and potable and non-potable water, and support services, such as parking and office space, necessary to complete availabilities.

The RFI further identified which types of docks NAVSEA is seeking near "fleet concentration" areas. Near San Diego, the Navy seeks docks capable of servicing the Whidbey Island-class dock landing ships, Ticonderoga-class cruisers, Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships.

Near Pearl Harbor, the service is seeking docks for Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships.

Near Norfolk, VA, and Mayport, FL, the Navy seeks information about docks for Wasp-class amphibious assault ships and San Antonio-class amphibious transport docks.

"The Navy would prefer solutions where the dock is situated within no more than a 75-mile radius of, and less than 1.5 hours' one-way travel from, the fleet concentration area Naval facility," the RFI said.

Responses to this RFI are due Sept. 4.