Navy seeks industry help on DDG(X) propulsion system

By Abby Shepherd / June 11, 2024 at 11:54 AM

The Navy is seeking industry support for development of the DDG(X) large surface combatant's power and propulsion system and will provide updates on DDG(X) development plans at a July 15 industry day.

Electric power and propulsion equipment engineers, academia and others are encouraged to attend the industry day, where the Navy will also provide updates on its Land-Based Test Site in Philadelphia, a critical facility for developing the DDG(X) propulsion system. Prior to procuring a power and propulsion system, the test site is used for system demonstration and risk reduction.

Modeling and simulation and test site activities for DDG(X) propulsion will seek to de-risk the system, develop and validate system operations and interfaces, test and mature control systems, and overall inform capabilities and limitations for the concepts of operation of DDG(X), according to the notice.

In fiscal year 2024, the Navy’s budget proposed over $113 million for the program’s propulsion and power system development, and $74.5 million in FY-25.

Registration for the industry day, held in Washington, D.C., must be complete by July 1.