Nearly one year into CSRA deal, GDIT says it has rapidly changed but has more to do

By Marjorie Censer / March 22, 2019 at 3:18 PM

General Dynamics Information Technology executives said the company has closed or consolidated more than 50 facilities and instituted a new operating model in the year since purchasing CSRA.

General Dynamics closed on its acquisition of CSRA in early April 2018, positioning CSRA within GDIT.

Since then, "we closed or consolidated over 50 facilities and significant space that came along with that," Bernard Guerry, GDIT's chief operating officer, told reporters during a breakfast today. "We began the consolidation of our own data centers within the company."

Additionally, GDIT shifted to a centralized operating model, he said. Previously, functions including finance, human resources, contracts and security were decentralized within each division.

Now, those are shared to "take advantage of scale and be able to move resources, scale resources when and where needed," Guerry said.

He said GDIT has adopted CSRA's use of a centralized "growth team," which is focused on winning deals worth more than $500 million.

The growth team includes solution architects, engineers and pricing analysts and supports the company's three divisions.

"We wanted to take the best of both companies," Guerry told reporters. "I will tell you, as a legacy GDIT guy, this company is far different, far different than it was just one year ago."

Still, he said GDIT continues to focus on integration.

"We're going to continue to roll out new internal systems this year, we're going to continue to consolidate facilities this year," he said. "We have to be laser focused on our costs."