New CACI CEO says company will remain focused on technology

By Marjorie Censer / November 13, 2019 at 10:32 AM

CACI International’s new chief executive said he will continue steering the company’s mergers and acquisition effort toward technology companies that help it differentiate itself.

In an interview with Inside Defense earlier this month, John Mengucci said M&A “is always going to be a top priority for us.”

Last month, CACI announced three new acquisitions: Next Century, which specializes in geospatial mapping, data fusion and machine learning for defense and intelligence agencies; Linndustries Shielding Specialties, which makes hardened systems to fend off high-altitude electromagnetic pulses; and Deep3, which offers data analytics, digital transformation and cybersecurity in the United Kingdom.

“Our M&A program is alive and well,” Mengucci said. “As we continue to move into white space, we’re going to find more gaps . . . and we will continue to do that. There’s a lot of good technology-based companies out there still.”

He said technology serves to help CACI stand out. “The role of technology for us is really important to our growth strategy,” he said.

Mengucci added that he wants to move CACI “forward faster in generating more intellectual property.”

Additionally, he said he’s pushed the company to focus on bidding fewer but larger programs.

“Bid less and win more,” he called the effort. “When you bid less, you do win more because you’re more focused.”

Mengucci also told Inside Defense he’s prioritizing CACI’s workforce. He said the company continues to look outside the Washington, DC area for cleared high-tech workers and is hiring in Denver; Phoenix; Sarasota, FL; and Rochester, NY, among other places.

“We like how that’s working out,” Mengucci said, adding that it has helped the company fill the needed slots on its programs.