New 'Live Training Environment' intended to replace laser-based simulations

By Ashley Tressel / January 9, 2019 at 6:01 PM

The Army's Synthetic Training Environment cross-functional team today announced it is launching a new effort to develop a live-training, force-on-force simulator for fire units called the Live Training Environment.

"The Army lacks the ability to simulate multi-domain operations training from Soldier through Brigade Combat Team (BCT) at Home Station (HS), Maneuver Combat Training Centers (MCTCs), and deployed locations in Live Training Environments (LTEs) realistically," reads a draft statement of need released this week.

The Live Training Environment seeks to execute "a light infantry platoon attack against a dismounted opposing force," focusing on direct and indirect fires while recording troop movements and conducting after-action reviews, the notice states.

The service's current Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System uses laser-based technology originally fielded in 1980 and is unable to accurately represent "half of the small arms and munitions currently issued to a light infantry platoon" during live force-on-force training.

The CFT, along with the National Security Technology Accelerator and Training and Readiness Accelerator, will host an industry day for the effort March 12 to 14 in Orlando, FL.

Industry is asked to provide information on non-laser based direct fires and short-range indirect fires in their possible offerings for training devices and simulators.