New POTUS order could send up to 3,000 reservists to EUCOM

By Tony Bertuca / July 13, 2023 at 4:26 PM

President Biden has signed an executive order naming Operation Atlantic Resolve a "contingency operation" and giving U.S. European Command new authorities, including the ability to call up 3,000 reservists to "augment" U.S. military presence in Europe.

A statement from EUCOM said the new authorities will “ensure long-term resilience in USEUCOM’s continued heightened level of presence and operations” and “will not change current force posture levels in Europe.”

“The designation of OAR as a contingency operation is an important demonstration of the U.S. commitment to our NATO Allies and partners,” EUCOM said. “It further provides USEUCOM with greater flexibility to support continued U.S. and Allied commitments to the defense of the Euro-Atlantic and allows us to provide key entitlements to the forces who support those commitments. Details on future actions will be provided at the appropriate time.”