NNS: CVN-79 is 60 percent structurally complete

By Lee Hudson / October 23, 2017 at 10:42 AM

The second Ford-class aircraft carrier, the John F. Kennedy (CVN-79), is 60 percent structurally complete, according to Newport News Shipbuilding.

"We are working hard to be a stronger business, a better Navy partner and an employer of choice," NNS President Jennifer Boykin said in a statement.

Inside the Navy reported in July the second-in-class ship was 30 percent constructed. According to the most recent Selected Acquisition Report, the company reduced production hours by 17 percent on the Kennedy compared to those of the Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78).

"The cost performance is slightly reduced from the 18 [percent] contract target," according to the SAR. "The recent degradation in cost performance stems largely from the delayed availability of certain categories of material."

The report said the Navy is working on the matter with Newport News through shipbuilder's sourcing meetings and is focused on the most time-critical and impactful material delinquencies. The service is "confident" these issues will be resolved and cost impacts mitigated, according to the SAR.