NSCAI to convene 'Global Emerging Technology Summit'

By Justin Doubleday / May 18, 2021 at 2:30 PM

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence announced today it will host a "Global Emerging Technology Summit" this July.

The summit scheduled for July 13 will be held in Washington. The commission’s announcement did not note whether it would be in-person or virtual as the region lifts some COVID-19 restrictions in the coming weeks. Speakers and an agenda will be forthcoming, according to the announcement.

“The goal of this summit is to convene public and private leaders to explore ways to advance prosperity, security, and innovation through stronger international partnerships,” Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO and chair of the commission, said as part of a statement.

The commission approved its final report in March, sending the White House and Congress numerous recommendations on how the United States should aim to “compete” in the AI era. The commission framed most of its report around the concept of a strategic competition with China for AI supremacy.