Ondas Networks forms partnership to pursue defense work

By Marjorie Censer / March 23, 2021 at 3:10 PM

Ondas Networks has formed a strategic partnership with Rogue Industries, which specializes in getting emerging technologies to government, as it pursues more work with the Defense Department.

In an interview with Inside Defense last week, Eric Brock, the chief executive of Ondas Networks, said the company specializes in software-based wireless broadband technology, primarily for industrial markets, from railroads to utilities and other critical infrastructure.

These customers "operate over wide field areas -- it's not just wide, it's extremely wide," Brock said. "They need connectivity to connect with their people, their assets and their machinery."

He said government and military markets too are critical businesses operating over wide areas that are similarly often in need of additional bandwidth.

Brock said Ondas saw opportunity in partnering with Rogue to help it move into the government and defense market.

"They can kind of open the door," he said, noting the company sees existing legacy networks as "ripe to be upgraded."

Rogue is focused on helping Ondas get "streamlined access into current spending programs," Brock added. The company will be able to "expose us to these current programs that would take us years – we'd have to make a big investment internally."