ONR seeking anti-sub surveillance technology

By Justin Katz / February 19, 2020 at 3:00 PM

The Office of Naval Research is soliciting industry for proposals and white papers about various anti-submarine surveillance systems and is planning a classified industry day next month, according to a notice published today by the Navy.

"The Affordable Mobile [Anti-submarine warfare] Surveillance System (AMASS) program shall design, build, demonstrate, and produce a persistent, deep water, active ASW system that can detect new emerging threat submarines at extended ranges," according to the notice.

ONR is seeking proposals that address five specific challenges including a concept of deployment for the system via a shipping container and automatic deployment of large aperture sonar arrays from a buoy. Proposals should also address "persistent presence" of a buoy by keeping it powered for an extended period of time while in one location; a method to minimize "array deformation" as well as maintaining an affordable total cost, the notice said.

The industry day, which will be by invitation only, is scheduled for March 11.

"Although not required, white papers are strongly desired for all offerors seeking funding," the notice said.

The program's preliminary schedule concludes with a funding award being made in October.