Oshkosh files two supplemental protests in JLTV case

By Dan Schere / April 21, 2023 at 10:15 AM

Oshkosh Defense filed two supplemental protests this month in addition to its original protest of the Army's award of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle follow-on contract to AM General.

The Army announced Feb. 9 that it had awarded the contract to AM General to produce more than 20,000 JLTVs and more than 9,000 trailers. The contract could be worth as much as $8 billion over a decade.

Oshkosh filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office on March 6, alleging the Army did not conduct a thorough cost evaluation in examining AM General’s ability to produce the vehicles, and overlooked other flaws in the company’s production process, according to a redacted copy.

According to GAO’s website, Oshkosh filed additional protests on April 13 and 17 in the matter. Those refer to supplemental protest allegations that were filed, according to Edward Goldstein, GAO managing associate general counsel for procurement law.

Goldstein wrote in an email to Inside Defense Thursday that the supplemental allegations are expected to be resolved by the June 14 deadline in the case, which is 100 days after the original protest was filed in March.

Oshkosh, in a statement to Inside Defense Friday, said: “Supplemental protests noted on the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) site are part of the normal protest process filed under a GAO protective order and are not available at this time. We are unable to comment further.”

Oshkosh, which won the original JLTV contract in 2015, can continue to produce the vehicles through 2024.