Oshkosh, KBR report government sales growth

By Marjorie Censer / October 30, 2019 at 1:01 PM

Oshkosh said today its defense group recorded $570 million in sales in its most recent quarter, up almost 23% from the same three-month period a year earlier.

The company attributed the increase to the "continued ramp up of [Joint Light Tactical Vehicle] sales to the U.S. government."

The defense unit's quarterly profit hit $51 million, down about 20% from the prior year. Oshkosh said the previous year's quarter had benefited from a litigation settlement.

Meanwhile, KBR too today reported growth in its government work. The government solutions business announced quarterly sales of $978 million, up 5% from a year earlier.

KBR said the growth was "underpinned by the commencement of new programs, including cybersecurity and risk management services for the Defense Health Agency, holistic human and psychological performance services for the U.S. Special Operations Forces under the Preservation of the Force and Family program, and networking, communications and training services for the U.K. Ministry of Defence."

Additionally, KBR noted, it "substantially completed disaster recovery work at Tyndall Air Force Base during the quarter."

The government solutions unit recorded quarterly profit of $110 million, up about 12% from the prior year.